Corporate Law

Aydın & Aydın specializes in the establishment, dissolution, merger/acquisition and conversion of domestic and foreign companies in the field of Company Law.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Aydın & Aydın, Law Firm lawyers, multinational companies, venture capital companies, private equity firms and their funds, domestic and international small to medium-sized companies and investment banks; He has extensive experience in representation in all phases of merger and acquisition, joint venture and partial spin-off projects.

Mediation Service

Aydın & Aydın, with its expert mediator staff working under the Registry of the Department of Mediation, provides both party attorneyship and optional mediation services for our clients in the following matters.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Aydın & Aydın has experience in the pursuit of all kinds of judicial and arbitration procedures at the national and international level. In the field of Litigation Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, our office provides litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution services in all branches of law, especially cases related to disputes arising from commercial contracts and the implementation of foreign arbitration decisions in Turkey.

Intellectual Property Law

The rapid spread of international trade in the globalizing world has increased the necessity of domestic and foreign companies to protect the distinctive characteristics of their products and services. In this context, Intellectual Property Rights Law developed rapidly in Turkey, and Aydın & Aydın contributed theoretically and practically to the development of intellectual property law in Turkey in this process.

Labor and Social Security Law

Aydın & Aydın works in constant communication with its clients' human resources units, ensuring that the entire procedure is carried out in accordance with the legal regulations from the beginning to the end of the employment process and, when deemed necessary, supports the reorganization of the client's practice in order to comply with the legislation.

International Transactions and Dispute Resolution

Aydın & Aydın Law Firm represents its domestic and foreign clients in the field of International Transactions and Dispute Resolution, international commercial transactions or commercial disputes. Aydın & Aydın Law Firm provides foreign clients with the initiation and execution of transactions in Turkey; It provides a versatile and unique legal consultancy service regarding the compliance of these transactions with the Turkish and/or own country's legislation and the resolution of international commercial disputes of Turkish and/or foreign clients, regardless of whether the dispute will be resolved in Turkey or abroad by judicial or peaceful means.

International Commercial Law

Aydın & Aydın, with its expert staff and international business partners, provides services to its clients in the field of international commercial law. Anti-dumping investigations opened at home and abroad, Subsidy investigations opened at home and abroad, Safeguard investigations, Surveillance application applications, Applications for suspension, quota and tariff quota, Preparation of reports on changing legislation and practices, Trade policy consulting

Foreigners and Citizenship Law

Our Law Office, which operates in a country like Turkey, which is moving from being a country of immigration to a country of immigration in the last quarter, where the macro dynamics of international economic migration is determined, provides actual legal consultancy services in the field of Foreigners Law through our well-equipped Lawyers and Foreigner Consultants.

IT law

Aydın & Aydın's IT department, with lawyers who have specialized in this field; It provides deep and solution-oriented legal services in specific areas such as information technology law, licensing, exemptions, exceptions, intellectual property rights management.

Venture Capital Investments

Venture Capital Investments Department is a team dedicated to this field under Aydın & Aydın Law Firm. For this reason, it is one of the rare working groups in our country where information that requires expertise specific to the field of venture capital investments is compiled. Aydın & Aydın basically manages all legal processes within the scope of its related activities to ensure that its venture capital fund and angel investor clients realize their investments without any problems.

Energy and Mining Law

Aydın & Aydın provides consultancy services in the fields of electricity, wind, natural gas, solar energy, as well as renewable energy fields such as biomass and biofuel, on production, distribution and financing. Power plants, oil, gas and mining can be listed as the main fields of activity in the sector. Specializing in contracts in the energy sector, Aydın & Aydın has also taken part in important privatizations of the sector as a legal consultant.